Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making History Once Again !

Here is OYY Elektra's  certificate and gorgeous ribbon from the Curly Sporthorse International registry for her show efforts in 2010 !!  She is Reserve champion ... beat out by who ?
Her DAD !!  As a breeder trying to find time to compete,  I am up against my own kids ...

OYY The Mighty Quinn - sired by Mead's Chocolate Chip and out of our tried and true mare - Lilly scored better than Zoe and Elektra did , earning the 2010 Champ Title

This is definitely a record setter in the Curly Horse world -- Sire and Daughter competing and Sire and Daughter winning !!

Stefanie is Quinn's third owner (counting Top O' The Hill Farm). Before his sale, Quinn bred 3 mares - he has 2 sons and 1 daughter.. Elektra.  I am SO proud of Stefanie and Quinn - they put forth a lot of effort and attending quite a few shows. As those who do it -- it's a lot of work !  What a beautiful couple they make. You can see his score history here -

The Curly Sporthorse International has done a superb job helping us as breeders track our wins and there by helping to prove our breeding goals, furthering the future of the Curly Sporthorse, earning credibility and supporting quality and enhancing the over all image of the Curly haired sporthorse.  I love it !!

Top O' The Hill Farm is always the trend setter in the American Curly Horse breeding game. Proving bloodlines since our start in 1985 - we have continually trained our horses and entered as many shows and local riding competitions possible while maintaining the farm.  When it was the norm to have herds of broodmares and stallions running in pastures producing foals - untouched and wild..... it was our goal to imprint every foal from the start and have most, or all, our stallions and broodmares under saddle or in harness.  After all -- these were originally touted as the USING horse -- how else to illustrate that but to USE them ?

Here on the farm we have used the horses to pull logs, sleds full of hay at feeding time, pleasure trail rides with friends and family, countless judged trail rides (and not to brag but BOXES of ribbons ! ) along with the annual Battle of the Breeds - where one horse does every class, with change of tack each time and change of rider outfit too -- along with driving. We always had at least 2 horses entered every year.  Our horses rode many miles raising money for various charities -- and we annually hosted ride-a-thons here at the farm as well, saddling up a dozen or more of our own Curlies for those wanting to ride but had no mount.

I am proud of my herd of generations of using Curly horses - over the years foals and grand-foals and even some great grand foals out there performing - in the show ring, hacking around for pleasure on trail and roads, driving and somewhat new to the mix - therapy horses. Top O' The Hill Farm has third generation therapeutic lesson horses currently being used in programs. Mom, daughter and grand-daughter giving lessons !

Sometimes I think- perhaps my web site is a bit confusing.. so many links to follow. But I love to be able to show the families and relatives... what they have done, where they are, etc. When choosing out a horse for whatever discipline, for whatever goal you might have in mind for yourself and/or your family -- full knowledge of  the horses in the pedigree is important and useful. The horses at Top O' The Hill Farm have been selectively bred so that each foal's strengths, disposition and potential can be fairly well predicted.  Horses are only used as breeding stock if they demonstrate trainability, tractability, basic soundness and perfect health.  For me -- the family history of my Curly horse herd is paramount. When I sell a horse - I sell the story of a group of genes that have been personally worked with,  trained, ridden or at least in the case of foals sold at weaning -- first hand news and knowledge of that off spring. We know what it feels like to ride the gaits of the related horses, have had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing the potential of each one being reached and perhaps exceeded.

Top O' The Hill Farm hosted the ICHO convention in  2004 and was the site of the first ICHO Curly horse inspection - providing 7 of my own horses for a trial run of an inspection.

Top O' The Hill Farm hosted the First Annual Curly get Together on the east coast (Tall Trees Curlies does one in the western part of the country). We all had a blast and it will definitely be an annual affair from now on. At the Get Together we saddled up 15 Curly horses and harnessed two Curlies -- perhaps the largest group of Curly horses at one time carrying riders and passengers on a trail ride !

This year - 2011 - in July Top O' The Hill Farm will be the site of the ABC convention.

It's been a very gratifying 26 years of breeding American Curly horses.. We began with some quality horses and continue to make quality horses.  The game is a bit more competitive now - but we are keeping up.

 Our pony program is the best  in the 12.2 hh - 13.2 hh range - offering ponies with several generations of riding and driving behind their breeding.

Our trail horse focus has always been outstanding - all our horses ride rough trail and complete the challenging obstacle course from a young age on up.  They show the aptitude and the build and the heart for this activity.  We have competed in the past in 15 and 25 mile Competitive trail rides and drives. 

Our Sporthorse program is developing and growing..  both mounted and driven. Top O' The Hill Farm has some really special Sport Curlies competing and coming up in training.

We are especially pleased  with the addition of BCF Splash Dancer bred by Lisa Wytiaz of Bashcurl Farm in Georgia !! He'll be in the show ring this summer along with Elektra again ! And one more candidate for driving -- which we are working on this winter and spring.

 Splash has bred a few mares for 2011.. can't wait !!

(photo courtesy of Lisa Wytiaz )

Top O' The Hill Farm has perhaps the largest population of driving horses and ponies -  Of all my projects - other than riding the trail as often as I can -- driving is my passion.. I love a decent driving horse and it is most definitely genetic -

Lots of hard work is paying off .. and I have enjoyed
every minute of it !

I have been working on my web site - attempting to give it a fresh face -- only half way there.. it's a big job and tedious. for February I am running a small sale - discounting some of my favorite horses..
WHY  you ask???

I believe in my breeding program and the results of that work -- My daughter and I have worked diligently to PROVE our horses and their breeding by USING .....   You - the buyer - can help me with that.  Purchase a horse - stay in touch... train, trail ride, show, harness and drive....  I will pay for registering in curly Sporthorse International if you plan to do serious competition (and I hope you do) and also pay for nomination in Horse of the Year awards.  Your work with one of my horses will help me continue to prove my reputation..

so take a look at the web site - see if some delightful Curly catches your fancy !!

Now it's been awhile since I have blogged regularly.. I guess it's time to get on track - we've been riding and sleighing so come back for frequent visits.. and I'll try to stay current and entertaining !

 Enjoy ~


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Betsy!
You and Zoe work so hard that it is nice to see you brag a bit about all of your accomplishments. Since I own a "Chip" daughter, Dream, I can vouch for the versatility and great mind these horses have!

Susan Lejonhud said...

I like what you have to say; the proof is in the pudding! You breed such wonderful, hardy, talented Curlies.

Marion Huurman-de Roos said...

Wauw you all accomplished a lot with your curly’s very impressive. And what a great job in showing what a wonderful breed it is.